"I am very grateful for the time I spent at Virginia Polo, the experiences, friendships, and memories will last a lifetime. The Nicoll Scholarship gave me the opportunity to continue pursuing a newly found passion. It allowed me to be part of a team and to compete at a national level, but more importantly it allowed me to spend everyday at the barn with great people and great horses."
        - Cecilia Steel

Since the fund's inception in 1975, it has been one of Virginia Polo's greatest assets by attracting great people and great players. Virginia Polo is committed to providing an opportunity for young people of all walks of life to play polo, and the RBVNS has made that possible for many young players.

Vere Nicoll Scholars are academically qualified, demonstrate an interest in polo or an ability to play polo, and have a selfless character that is conducive to team play, such as doing more than average around the barn.

On behalf of the RBVNS Board of Trustees and in Raymond's memory, we are proud to support the desire of young people to play the game of polo in Raymond's memory.

Board of Trustees:
  • Joel Gibbons, Chair
  • Jeffrey Schlesinger
  • Roderick Nicoll
  • Maisie Vere Nicoll
  • Christine B. Reed

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