"I am very grateful for the time I spent at Virginia Polo, the experiences, friendships, and memories will last a lifetime. The Nicoll Scholarship gave me the opportunity to continue pursuing a newly found passion. It allowed me to be part of a team and to compete at a national level, but more importantly it allowed me to spend everyday at the barn with great people and great horses."
        - Cecilia Steel

Past RBVNS Fund recipients:

Bradley A. Scherer
William W. Ylvisaker
Louis J. Schott
Donald V. Little, Jr.
William H. Whitehead, Jr.
Clarissa C. Echezarreta
Martha Colhoun Williams
Derek Sifton
David Borucke
Midge Wilson
Jim Dunlap
Dana Fortugno
Jenny Alexy
Wil Harris
Robin O'Connell
Jackson Woodward
Greg Daniels
Whitney Chamberlain
Max Gottschalk
Elizabeth Ann Wildman
Katherine F. Clarke
Carter Carnegie
Geoffrey Woodward
Christine B. Reed
Jake Flournoy
James West
Wolff Klabin
Cynthia L. Williams
Lee Ann McCoy
Jeremy Ragland
Lissa Green
Theresa MacFarlan
Ally Ainsworth
Mohammed Khakwani
LJ Lopez
Katie Madden
Astrid Brock
Barbara Frost
Cristina Fernandez
Leah Hall
Mauricio Diaz
Jay Du-Sauzay
Lila Warren
Cecilia Steel
Felipe Viana
Meg Greenhalgh
Alexa Diaz
Austin Burdick
Tyler Burdick
Julia Stellman
Julia Smith

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